Abbott's Internet


To highlight that Aussies deserved the Labor Party's world-class broadband service, we (The Royals and myself) created a fictitious company, Abbott’s Internet. Our offering was simple. We tried to sell the rest of the world the exact same broadband policy that the Liberal Party was trying to sell to Australians. And it ended up creating the most popular online campaign in Australian political history. 

We produced Facebook ads that targeted people from countries including the US, Hong Kong, Andorra, Romania, Czech Republic and we also hit the streets to flog our product in different global cities. 

Significantly, we produced the whole campaign – from concept to launch – in 8 days, such is the turnaround time required during a fast-paced election where policies need to be communicated quickly and widely. The results speak for themselves:
YouTube: Over one million video views 
Twitter Reach: 8.5m+ impressions
Twitter:  8,229 Tweets: original, retweets, replies.
AI Website : 180k visits

The campaign received local and global coverage from being lead story on the Sydney Morning Herald to coverage on Al Jazeera. This campaign has been described as a game-changing by everyone from the senior ministers to ‘Team Obama’ consultants from Blue State Digital that came out for the election. And for a short time, we made the election entertaining. They didn't win the election, but with 300k signing petitions for the Liberals to drop their broadband policy after they won the election, Abbott's Internet obviously had a lasting impact.